What We Do

With DIG's expertise, we develop programs, messaging and strategies, organize fly-ins and lobbying efforts, and build strong bipartisan political and legislative campaigns.

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DIG will provide outcome-oriented support from the proposal stage of strategizing and creating programs and events to the final stages of  organizing and managing a program with strong messaging tailored for your audience.  

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DIG will build strong Congressional relationships and coordinate every aspect of your successful legislative activities.  DIG will show your members and stakeholders how to speak with one voice and with one message.

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DIG will oversee every aspect of your successful lobbying campaign.  DIG will meet with key legislators and their staff, develop bipartisan support for your crucial issues, strengthen your access, and build strong coalitions. 

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DIG can provide services to train and prepare your advocates through professional and productive workshops, webinars, how-to-lobby trainings, and one-on one sessions.

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