Meet DIG.


Deutsch Initiatives Group (DIG) provides expertise for your organization or company in program management, advocacy, lobbying, and training. DIG will develop programs, messaging and strategies, organize fly-ins and lobbying efforts, and build strong political and legislative campaigns.

Jo Deutsch, president of DIG, has more than 30 years of experience promoting causes on both the federal and state level. A well-known and highly respected lobbyist on Capitol Hill, Jo has built strong and significant relationships with Congressmembers and their staff and elected officials across the U.S. 

A passionate advocate for people who need their voices heard, she has worked with flight attendants to ban smoking on all commercial flights, union workers to strengthen safety and workplace laws, and gay and lesbian couples for the freedom to marry.

As an adept political strategist, Jo has used her connections in D.C. to build coalitions that link both sides of the aisle. Crossing partisan lines, she founded Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry and the Respect for Marriage Coalition.

Jo is a well-known and articulate spokeswoman and expert communicator. She has been interviewed by numerous print journalists and media reporters. Jo has crafted countless legislative and political documents including position papers, talking points, testimonies and program proposals for unions and organizations. As an expert facilitator, Jo has developed workshops for unions and non-profits, training thousands of activists nationwide.

A tireless change agent, Jo has faced, fought for, and won numerous legislative and political battles. She will invest her time and heart to DIG up your best solution, regardless of the challenges involved.