If you need help DIGging out of a hole of inaction, uncertainty or ineffectiveness to reach the peak of success, Jo Deutsch's decades of lobbying experience can help you successfully reach your goals. From her first historic lobbying success, the passage of the total smoking ban on U.S. commercial aircraft to her most recent success with winning the freedom to marry nationwide, Jo will help you build a winning bi-partisan lobby campaign. 

Services provided

  • Develop and oversee successful lobbying efforts, including adding cosponsors to key legislation, message development and advocacy programs.
  • Provide professional expertise to design a strategic program to ensure attention to your issues and legislative successes.
  • Bring together allies from both sides of the aisle, both expected and unexpected, to work together on your behalf.
  • Collaborate and manage bi-partisan campaigns and coalitions among local, state and federal officials and activists to advance your issues and causes.